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Art in it's various forms has been part of my life since I can remember, and even before - when my mother recalls my crawling into her bookshelf, painting on the white walls as a small child.

Art and Architecture, Materiality and Pigments, Photography, Nature, Poetry and Literature, Society and Culture, the interplay of Light and Shadow (etc. etc., I could go on) inspire me to create something unique and emotional for myself, hoping to share it one way or another with others around me. Something that reflects the moment of creation and passes it on to the observer, giving space and opportunity for new interpretations and emotions. I am always fascinated how different personalities react to and perceive art work in very different ways.

After a Master's degree in Architecture and over eight years of practicing as an architect - at Herzog & de Meuron amongst others - painting has again become a more central part of my life. 

Painting is a process in which I can be present, stop (over)thinking, challenge myself and relieve some of the pressures of our modern daily-lives. I hope that my paintings can bring some of that to you. 

I am currently exploring abstract expressionist art in my small and large scale paintings, heavily influenced by the greats such as Joan Mitchell, Mark Rothko, James Turrell, Cy Twombly, Claude Monet and many more. 

The random, unplanned moments that are created on canvas by layers of different paints and colors, methods, and tools are what move me. 

Currently based in London. Having lived in Hannover, St. Louis, New York, Basel, Munich and now London, I call many places home. I think all of these places and many more that I have visited that had a profound impact on my character and development influence the way I approach a new, clear canvas/surface.

I would love to hear from you!

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