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commission work ___ personalized, bespoke original art

For any inquiries regarding commission work, please send a message using the form below and keep the following bullet points in mind. I would be delighted to work with you.

___  size / reference painting / color scheme > please list your intended size for your bespoke art work, as well as any of my paintings that you like. I will use them as a reference (check my current works of art on my works page and simply state the name of that painting and/or check my instagram). 

___  shipping / fees > please already indicate your location so that I can estimate any concerns around the delivery of your final fine art work. Please note that I do ship internationally, however shipping will be added on to the fee of the commission.

Fees for the commission will vary depending on size / medium / frame / etc. 

After having discussed your wishes and needs thoroughly, I will indicate the fee. This fee will then be fixed before the commission is confirmed and work is started. 

___  custom frames > paintings on canvas typically come unframed unless otherwise stated and discussed. At the end of the work, I can suggest a frame and also have this done for you before shipping. If there is already a wish for a specific framing, please indicate and I will include it in my fee estimation. 

___  any information about the space that you intend the new piece of art to be part of and/or anything about your personality (I am both curious and it may influence my painting process for you :) 


After receiving your initial message, I will reply as soon as possible to discuss further details including your answers to the above and any other specifics around your custom piece of fine art. This will include fees and shipping, the approximate timeline and further milestones to keep in mind. 

Even if you do not have all of the answers yet to the above, go ahead and send me a request! I am always curious about any possible collaborations and new work emerging through specific and individualized commissions. 


carolin m. studio ___ commission work form

please fill out below, indicating your answers to the above bullet points

Thank you for reaching out!

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